Vast amounts of web data add an extra layer of complexity to the tracking process of global threats which national security has to cover. The demand for advanced tools providing national intelligence agencies with intelligent insights from vast amounts of web data is critical and growing.

Using Digital Risk Protection Platform in Times of Crises

PUBLIC SAFETY Cyber Threat Challenges

Cyberattackers are coming for public safety; prepare now. Organizations and citizens have a “shared responsibility” to defend their data, computer hardware and software systems from ransomware attacks. The threat of cyberattacks, especially ransomware attacks, against public safety is real. All public safety leaders and personnel share the responsibility of understanding the risks of cyberattacks, educating themselves and taking action to protect their organizations, as well as their private information.


For Public Safety

Our solution empowers policy decision-makers, on-the-ground first responders, security forces and epidemiological research teams to manage, mitigate, and prevent emergency events. These events require a comprehensive solution to prevent and protect from events that could endanger the safety of the general public from significant danger, a risk to public health, injury, property damage, and other crimes and potential disasters.

NCI's ThreatEYE is a security attack simulator and awareness tool to automate the testing process providing real-time analysis of threats and vulnerabilities. It also generates detailed reports regarding the product. We have over 60 clients across US, UK, NATO, Russia, China and MENA (Middle-east & North Africa).

National Cyber Intelligence

Services Include

Media Intelligence Media Intelligence
Natural Disasters Natural Disasters
Public Health Public Health
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