Our Cyber Crime Law enforcement team will help you for enhance web investigations, solve cases muct faster & stay ahead of cyber threats with gain real-time intelligence includes with cyber security

Using Digital Risk Protection Platform in Times of Crises

Law Enforecement Cyber Threat Challenges

Law enforcement agencies face various threats to the public order. Illegal activities continue to grow with increasing use and easy access to social networks, open, deep and dark web spheres. These vast data sources are used by criminals, terrorists, and others exploiting the web to leverage their activities, motivating investigators to search for online investigation and cyber forensics tools.


For Law enforcement World

Extracting targeted data and providing timely warnings of threats, our cyber crime solution supports operational activities and complex investigations. With our crime prediction software, intelligent collection and assessment of data, you can identify connections of distinct crimes that occur in different locations, exploit Artificial Intelligence to predict crime, and prevent the next crime from taking place.

NCI's ThreatEYE is a security attack simulator and awareness tool to automate the testing process providing real-time analysis of threats and vulnerabilities. It also generates detailed reports regarding the product. We have over 60 clients across US, UK, NATO, Russia, China and MENA (Middle-east & North Africa).

National Cyber Intelligence

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Cyber Crime Investigations Cyber Crime Investigations
Cyber Threats Monitoring Cyber Threats Monitoring
Public Safity Solutions Public Safity Solutions
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