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One of the biggest challenges for any industry in the corporate world is to deal with the increasing number of cyber-attacks. Global cybercrime is predicted to cross $2.1 trillion in the year 2019. Therefore, it is extremely necessary that the corporate sector instills practice for ensuring their cyber security regardless of the size of an organization. With an ever-increasing change in cyber security landscape, corporate cyber security has become mandatory. Implementation of corporate cyber security will not only minimize the risks of data breaches but will also improve a firm’s mean-time to respond to an attack.

Using Digital Risk Protection Platform in Times of Crises

The Great Corporate World Cyber Threat Challenges

Corporations face threats to all aspects of their business. From daily cyber attacks, data leaks, physical threats against installations and employees, and compromised assets and services to criminals who attempt to exploit vulnerabilities 24/7. Compounding the challenge; threat actors are operating across an ever-expanding network of darknets and other online forums and channels, always one step ahead of traditional law enforcement. While companies invest in plenty of resources to handle the issue, the identification process of breach culprits, threat actors, and potential damage is both lengthy and incurs enormous and overwhelming expenses and consequences.


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Cyber security teams can rapidly create profiles of malicious actors, and map their hidden activity networks and behavior patterns across numerous sources. Our systems continuously track and discover communication points of malicious activity across ever-evolving darknets and other typically inaccessible channels, tracing them back to their original sources.

NCI's ThreatEYE is a security attack simulator and awareness tool to automate the testing process providing real-time analysis of threats and vulnerabilities. It also generates detailed reports regarding the product. We have over 60 clients across US, UK, NATO, Russia, China and MENA (Middle-east & North Africa).

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Digital Risk Protection Digital Risk Protection
Cyber Threat Intelligence Cyber Threat Intelligence
 Data Breach Detection Data Breach Detection
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