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We are a threat discovery and cyber-intelligence solutions provider & private company that empowers many governments and many enterprises with actionable cyber threat intelligence services for a safer world. We are the world’s first platform that can deliver predictive cyber security & intelligence. We combine cyber intelligence with attack surface discovery and digital risk protection to deliver early warning, personalized, contextual, outside-in, and multi-layered insights. Our cloud-based AI and ML-powered analytics platform provides the hacker’s view with deep insights into the external cyber landscape, helping clients prepare for impending attacks.

The Best Way to go with NCI - National Cyber Intelligence !

Cyber Monitor will provide you with 24/7 real time security information and event management solutions to detect, analyse, alert, report and kick off a response process.

Cyber Watch will provide you with accurate and customised threat intelligence feeds to identify possible attacks before they happen.

Cyber Check is a continuous vulnerability scanning and management services, using state-of-the-art tools, techniques and processes.

Cyber Respond services will prepare your organisation to respond and defend your systems and networks against cyber incidents

Cyber Intelligence
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