National Cyber Intelligence

National Cyber Intelligence is a private company offering knowledge-based solutions that enable you to prevent or mitigate cyber-attacks by analyzing threat data and providing information on adversaries.

We assist in identifying, preparing for, and preventing attacks by furnishing information on attackers, their motives, and capabilities. As a private company, our focus is on delivering tailored cyber intelligence services.

National Cyber Intelligence

Cyber Threat Intelligence

What Are The Types of Threat Intelligence?

Cyber Threat Intelligence is mainly categorized as strategic, tactical, technical, and operational. Cyber Intelligence is the knowledge that allows you to prevent or mitigate cyber-attacks by studying the threat data and provide information on adversaries. It helps to identify, prepare, and prevent attacks by providing information on attackers, their motive, and capabilities.

Strategic threat intelligence provides an overview of the organization’s threat landscape. It is less technical is mainly for executive-level security professionals to drive high-level organizational strategy based on the findings in the reports. Ideally, strategic threat intelligence provides insights like vulnerabilities and risks associated with the organization’s threat landscape with preventive actions, threat actors, their goals, and the severity of the potential attacks.

  • 1. Strategic Threat Intelligence

  • 2. Threat Intelligence in Cybersecurity

  • 3. Technical Threat Intelligence

  • 4. Operational Threat Intelligence



Vulnerabilities assessed with 193,000+ Plugins.


Harmful & Different Threat Geolocations.


Vulnerabilities disclosed since January 1999.


Cyber Threats and Cyber Attacks are closed monitoring.


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